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About Us :- 

                     '  Service Trust ' is started in the year 2006 with a mission to help the people  .  ' Service Trust ' is one of the Service Organization in this Cosmics .             

Service Trust  works to :


1)Good Original Raw Food is provided to needy People FREELY ( This is related to Charity   and Health ) 

2)From Universe , Providing Good Original Information Services about Universe to Universe . [All Universe belong to Nature,Good Original,all,e.t.c]    

3) Build Religious places to create faith in God  .

4) To improve the Health of needy People FREELY .( This is related to Charity   and Health )

5)  To provide Education .                


              Service Trust work is made possible by the kindness of donors , volunteers , relatives and friends — all joined together in the Good Service . Service Trust understand problems and challenges faced by individual countries and cultures . Service Trust build competence to solve the problems and challenges faced by individual countries and cultures .

Guiding Principles :

Service Trust follow certain principles in doing Services . Some of them are

.) We used to have innovative thought’s in all the task to accomplish the services .

.) We Understand and respect individuals and society very deeply .

.) We do the services with perfect Quality .

.) We decrease our unwanted expenditure such that We do more services to more people .

Some of the Features in the ‘ Service Trust ’ are :

The power of the Internet is that there is room for everyone. We acknowledge the other charity websites and applaud them for the work they do in helping increase money for charities , education , health , God . Some of our features and services , making it as easy and as safe as possible for people to give online or in other ways .

We can track donations through our own Donors History .

All donations made through Service Trust automatically go into our Donors History, especially helpful to honour you .

Your donation is secure and private .

Our secure server protects your financial information and safely transfers your credit card or debit card donation. In addition, we will never give your name to any one . You decide whether to give your name or not . 

You get a tax deduction .

You can print out a statement summarizing donations made from Service Trust (Via Email or Courier)  so you can claim the tax deduction during tax time .

We are an independent non profit organization .

Service Trust  is a Trust  which automatically comes under the category ‘ Non - Profit Organization ‘ .

We Help You to Become an Even Smarter Donor .

We won’t specify any amount to donate . It is up to your wish how much to donate which makes you a smart donor .

You can donate in other ways .

You can donate through Cheque or Demand draft in favour of ‘ Service Trust ‘  and post it to our contact address through courier which is safe and secure .


Welcome to 'Service Trust'

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